Thursday 6 January 2005


Winter landscape (12 x 12 ins, oil on board) Posted by Hello

Since I'm here and I've been asked, I might as well update you on things at Stately Zip Mansion.

I spent Xmas at Tynemouth with Patsy123 and her two sons. A good time was had by all. I saw the New Year in at Buddy K's palatial Quayside DesRes. Walked round the Sage Gateshead, over the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and back for nachos and champagne with Jools's Hootenanny.

Patsy123 is away for a month in Argentina, so I'm taking the opportunity of getting lots of work done. And lots of work is required. Suddenly I find I have a painting to finish for Monday, several for a show in Harrogate in February (three sales there last month), at least ten for a show in Alnwick in February/March and umpteen more for a show North of the Border in March/April.

Which means it's not time for me to return to the blogging fold. Hope you're all well, though, and that you have a Happy and Prosperous New year.