Monday 24 December 2007

Back from the Brink

Well, that was an experience. I think I'll try a new template some other time, thank you very much. Now I just have to find out what's gone wrong with MyBlogLog which no longer shows me as .. well. me.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Seemed like a good idea at the time ...

With some trepidation, I've switched to the new template. I wonder if I did the right thing? I can now alter the appearance of the heading and such like, but I have so far failed miserably to import my site meter, Technorati tag and other bits and pieces.

And I cannot make the paragraph breaks appear in the posts further down.

Saturday 15 December 2007

On the Canals of Venice

Vaporetto 2 (in progress)

Vaporetto 3 (1st stage)
Vaporetto 4 (in progress)
I've taken the first vaporetto picture to the Club to continue with it there; these are the others in the series so far.

In the third (second down), I've yet to decide on the background. I didn't like the buildings the vaporetto was passing, so I intend to find a more interesting palazzo to include. No.4 has been painted over an unsuccessful view of The Sage, Gateshead, so there are interesting colour influences creeping into the area of water in the lower half.

Friday 14 December 2007

King Street, South Shields

King Street, South Shields (Oil on canvas, 19.5 x 24 ins)
Probably the last word on the subject ...

Back from Panama

Back again. A new computer and a different operating system to contend with, but I'm back. Many Thanks to Buddy K and Dr Bob.

And for now, that's all I have to say, except that being out of touch with the ether has led to some of that serious thinking stuff going on. The results of that may unfold in due course. Or not, as the case may be.

Saturday 1 December 2007

Short Intermission

My computer has for some time now been Old & Cantankerous. It has now Passed Away. Bear with me. I'm hoping to receive an almost new one from Buddy K in a couple of weeks. Until then, there will be a short intermission.