Tuesday 30 June 2020

Ruined Chateau


Ruined Chateau
(Mixed media on canvas, 24x12 in)

Week 12 of the Shipley Art Challenge suggested “For this challenge, paint a place you go to, but add detail to imagine how it could look....You could create an imaginary place if you want to.”

This is a place I went to in my imagination. Trying out an idea, I made multiple inkjet prints of something I painted recently (see earlier post), cut them up and reassembled them with another print of a garden in Seville.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Fallen Giant

Fallen Giant (Saltwell Park)
(acrylic on board, 10x19 in)

Completed yesterday, another addition to what’s becoming a Saltwell Park series. This is the big log I drew on Monday, but shows the face that has been chainsawed off.

Monday 22 June 2020

Big Log

Big Log
(markers in 21 x 26 cm sketchbook)

For the first time in over three months I went for a walk to Saltwell Park today to meet up with the revived Mondaymondaysketchers. It was great to see someone face to face, other than Pat or the woman in Nisa. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although the Park was quite busy with families enjoying the sunshine, they all exercised social distancing, waiting at the beginning of narrow parts of the path while someone passed. Not a mask in sight, but outside in a park, I guess that's not a problem.

Towards the end of the sketching session, a rainy shower hung about a bit more than I liked and rather than sit with the others to eat my non-existent sandwiches, I suggested we cross to the bandstand area where there was shelter and Colin, at least, started to follow. Under the shelter I found I was on my own and when I went back to the Towers, everyone was gone. I suppose when it rains and you've done your drawing for the day, you might as well eat your sandwiches in the car and go home.

This is the fallen giant I drew in my Saltwell Park Sketchbook today. Not the side I'd planned to draw, but someone had taken a chainsaw to that side.

Saltwell Park, Evening

Saltwell Park, Evening
(acrylic on mountboard, 10x10 in.)

The Shipley Art Gallery said: "For this challenge we would like to see artwork of a place that you visit that has changed over time or since you last visited."

In my mind and from my memory, I went to Saltwell Park again and painted this evening scene. Today, I actually went to the park again for the first time in over three months and it didn't look like this.

This painting was based on another of my Second Year Special Project Saltwell Park Sketchbook drawings:

Monday 15 June 2020

Architectural Doodle

Playing around for an hour tonight with pencil, Indian ink, black and white acrylic and no specific thoughts as to subject matter, except that I didn’t want to end up with a landscape. A4 watercolour paper.

Friday 12 June 2020

Horchata for Two

Horchata for Two
(Mixed media on board, 9x9 in)

Last year I was enjoying the sun in Valencia. Now I’m stuck indoors watching the rain and painting my memories.

Offered for sale under the Artists Support Pledge scheme, this unframed painting is priced at £90, (incl. P&P in the UK). To buy, or ask for more details, please contact me.

Saturday 6 June 2020

Demonic Doorbell

Demonic Doorbell
(acrylic on box canvas, 8x8 in)

An unusual addition to the textured door series and offered here under the Artist Support Pledge scheme. It's priced at £95 plus P&P. You can buy or get more information by contacting me.

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Coffee with Susie and a Wooden Duck

Coffee with Susie and a Wooden Duck
(mixed media on mountboard, 9x9 in)

This week's contribution to the Shipley Art Gallery Art Challenge. The coffee set is by Susie Cooper and the wooden duck is from Argentina.


Monday 1 June 2020

Antique Knocker

Antique Knocker

(mixed media on 8x8 in. box canvas)

This is a return to my textured door series. If you’d like to buy this painting, it’s available as part of the Artist Support Pledge and can be yours for £95 plus postage. Contact me for more information or to buy.