Friday 24 May 2013

Museum Sketchbook # 9: Hanging Screens

Hancock: Hanging Screens 
(Charcoal, compressed charcoal and coloured Conte in A4 sketchbook)

The strange environment created by the designers within the old halls of the Hancock Museum, using sheets of MDF, extended to the ceiling. From there hung screens on which occasional videos were projected. They managed to create an otherworldly atmosphere, but failed to convey anything of the contents of the Museum.

Monday 6 May 2013

South Seas Case (Work in Progress)

South Seas Case (work in progress)

After posting the Ethnographic Case drawing from the Museum Sketchbook, I recently recalled that after I started a painting based on it, I took a photograph; and here it is. Although the painting is tucked away at the back of the studio right now, I think I moved it along a little after taking the photograph and it's possible that I changed the format, taking off the right hand section to leave a square.

I wish I could remember the size of the canvas, because I have some plans to start thinning out large, unfinished work from the studio and I'd be sorry to see this one go.