Tuesday 23 April 2013

Museum Sketchbook # 8: Ethnographic Case

Hancock: Ethnographic Case 
(Charcoal, compressed charcoal across two pages of A4 sketchbook)

On one of the galleries of the Hancock Museum was a set of Ethnographic Cases devoted to artifacts from around the world. This one displayed items from the South Seas: shields, unidentified wooden objects and brightly coloured stuffed birds.

Somewhere in the studio, there's an unfinished painting based on this drawing, but I can't locate it right now.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Museum Sketchbook # 7: Hall of the Fossil Tree

Hancock: Hall of the Fossil Tree
(Charcoal, compressed charcoal and coloured Conte across two pages of A4 sketchbook)

Although it probably wasn't intentional, the design of the new curved display panels under the somewhat elderly museum lighting system gave a strange otherworldly aspect to the hall where the fossilised tree stood.