Monday 24 August 2020



One of the effects of working with collage, is that my studio is starting to resemble my desk. My mind is in a similar condition, so I need to spend time this week tidying up all three.

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Big Green Tote Bag

Big Green Tote Bag
(Acrylic on board, 8x8 in.)

I went off the boil last week, so finishing off this little painting started last year will hopefully get me going again. Oh to be abroad again!

Available under the Artists Support Pledge scheme for £80, including postage in the UK. Leave a comment or message me if interested.


Wednesday 5 August 2020

Bouquet for Kathleen

Bouquet for Kathleen
(mixed media on board, 8x6 in)

A little birthday present I made for a friend as a surprise. Now she has it, I can show it. I’d like to be able to thank the photographer who took the photo on which it’s based (I know she’s on Instagram) but I’ve lost her name.