Friday, 27 July 2007

The painting now standing ...

I'm on the point of starting a new series of work for some of the shows we (Figure 8) have lined up for next year, but I'm short of the canvases I want. I can't make them myself, as I pulled a muscle in my right arm last week, stretching one up. And it's too late to order them this week, as they'd probably arrive when I'm away on Arran next week

So in the meantime, I started a new one at the Art Club yesterday. The view is actually from one of the offices on the same floor as the Club, but it surprised me how many of the Club members didn't recognise it. Even artists go round with their eyes closed, sometimes.

Central Station block-in

Central Station (first day)


jafabrit said...

lol! yes, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. I like the composition :)

Sorry about your arm. One of the reasons I started painting on mdf or any spare wood is because stretching became really hard on my hands. Even using stretch pullers or whatever they call them wasn't helping.

Winchester whisperer said...

I left you a message on my blog on 14 August. What happened to that painting which I liked: did you sell it?

Mr Zip said...

Jafabrit - Canvas pliers. I've never found them easy to use and have relied on them solely to restretch paintings onto new stretchers.

WW - Thanks for the kind comments on your blog. The painting of Grey's Monument is still unfinished, although it won't take much to finish. If you're genuinely interested, email me at harrybell at gmail dot com and we can talk further. There are complications, however.