Thursday, 16 August 2007

Given the elbow, a new series

Shelter (Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 ins)
This painting is from 2001, but it represents a theme I want to see if I can return to.

Despite the injury to my arm - it turns out I have tennis elbow - I've been putting in some vigorous palette knife work on a couple of paintings which I think may go well with Shelter.

Blawearie Steps (work in progress)

I don't think this needs a great deal more work, but I may surprise myself when I return to it. The other I'm less sure of, but I like the subject matter. It's based on a Second World War pillbox lying at the edge of the golf course just beyond Dunstanburgh Castle.:

Pillbox (first stage)

I bought these canvases - they're Loxley Ashgate canvases - in a carton of ten from Ken Bromley at a decent price. They work out at about a fiver a piece. I couldn't make them for that price, even if I could make them of better materials. Still, tennis elbow and all that ... The canvas is only 10 oz., which is a bit light, and they're only double primed. but I've put on another three coats of acrylic primer and they look much better now. In addition, on the Pillbox canvas, I put on a layer of Winsor & Newton Pumice Texture Gel to give the area of the foreground grass a bit of "tooth."


J A Baker said...

I really like your painting "Shelter"

It caught my eye immediately. I'm struggling with landscapes because my usual subject matter is more "from the land". I can't seem to stop seeing the details. I love the fresh and clean look of this painting.

Judith Baker

jafabrit said...

I really like the "shelter" painting too, there is this mysterious quality to it and the brushwork and softness of it enhances that.

Whispering Walls said...

Great sky in Shelter

harry bell said...

I'm glad Shelter is such a hit. Confirms I'm on to something. Judith's comment about detail suggests a post, I think.

Anna said...

I love it when you talk arty.

Anna said...

Oh, and the light in 'Shelter' is very striking, it's a fine painting.

harry bell said...

Thanks Anna. I'll invite you up to see my etchings one day.