Thursday, 11 October 2007

Mud in the Sky

Skyscape (2nd pass)

Brought on by collecting my prize for last month's painting competition at the Art Club, a mood of optimism (or was it greed?) made me pull out and start again a sky painting.

Unfortunately, The Grumbler was in garrulous mood and I found I was painting with only half my mind. The other was on the grumbles and thinking of retorts. As a consequence, I'm afraid I've overworked the paint, particularly at the left. Some of the colours have definitely become muddy, although here are quite pleasing specks of colour peeking through elsewhere in the composition.

It's by no means a lost cause, so I've put it on the drying rack and will return to it next week.


StraighTruth42 said...

I like it the way it is. I know it is hard not to listen to the "grumbler" isn't it?

Mr Zip said...

Welcome st42. This particular Grumbler is rather elderly and probably a little lonely, so I show forebearance. But there are times when I wish he'd shut up!

Winchester whisperer said...

Love that

Mr Zip said...

Oh WW ... what about the mud, man, the mud?