Sunday, 27 September 2009

Old Drawings #40

Gallowgate (charcoal, compressed charcoal on cartridge paper)

This must have been one of the last drawings I did before starting my BA (Hons) course at Newcastle University in 1997. The quality of the photograph is a little compromised because the drawing was sold and is now under glass, so the image has been Photoshopped to try to remove excessive glare.

In the background of the drawing is the Newcastle Brewery, which dominated the Gallowgate area of Newcastle for many years, but which was demolished in 2008.


Kevin said...

Like this one a lot - but then I have always liked your charcoals -seems to suit your style.........

harrybell said...

Thanks, Kev. I think it's more that the style suited the charcoal. Charcoal lends itself to a very tonal approach, but in the last few years my interest in colour has led to a lessening of tonality, which I suspect is why you may be less excited than you were.