Thursday, 17 December 2009

Website Goes Live

At last! My website went live today, so I hope you'll think about visiting. No, don't just think about it, do it, go there now, do it without thinking! You know you want to.

I'm still finding my way around the template system provided by Clikpic, and as time goes by I'll be adding more content, but I'm happy with it as it stands. Which doesn't mean I won't be interested in any comments you may care to leave on my doorstep.


Kevin said...


Nice job on the website. Very easily navigable. Would have been nice to have somewhat larger pics to view - but understand fully why not.

Hadn't seen 'Night Station' or 'Central with cars' before. Both excellent. Would love to get some photos of the view of that view of the station at night. It's from the club I assume?

The ease of use of this site is in stark contrast to Flickr - for which I have just opened an account. A more ornery, non-user friendly website, it'd be difficult to find. I have to remind myself how to use it every time I go on. Considering that its SOLE function is to display photos and navigate between them - the site goes out of its way to make this single task difficult.


Anonymous said...

Great website - and Harry, I really love your artwork. I look forward now to enjoying lots of paintings of the countryside too.

harry bell said...

Kev -- You did try clicking on the individual thumbnails, I suppose? The pop-up produced is about as big as the screen will allow.

The two pictures you cite are from the recent Red Box show, where they were admired by, oh, handfuls. Next time you're up, if you like I'll take you to the office windows next to the Art Club studio where you can snap away to your heart's content. Unless you want to make do with my photos of the same scene, of which there are many.

Simone -- Thank you. There'll be some countryside paintings coming along, but hardly "lots" and mainly to do with trees and rocks. Hope that will do?