Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two Tyne Valleys

Tyne Valley (work in progress)

Tyne Valley 2 (work in progress)

This is always a difficult time of year, I find, when work is slow and much thought is expended on what direction it should take. So if it seems to you that not much is happening here on Boogie Street, you may in a sense be right. But high in my tower I'm thinking, thinking , thinking. And every now and then, I begin a new painting in what, for me has been largely an unexplored area - landscape.

These two are the latest and show a part of the South Tyne Valley near to Bardon Mill. They've been cursorily blocked in and will need a good deal more work to bring them to completion. But I'm relatively pleased with them and I can see how they could lead to ..... something new.

But I'll have to give that some more thought.


Casey Klahn said...

The high tower of our thoughts. Especially for the artist, a place to wrestle with your muses.

I am looking forward to seeing what your landscapes produce. I did a small cityscape the other day (Italy) and am the proverbial duck out of water.

Robert Day said...

I always found the Tyne Valley to be a hidden gem (to mere Southerners, that is) of archetypal English scenery.