Friday, 11 February 2011

Another Disappointment

Figure8, the group I've shown with since 2004, has been finding it more and more difficult to source suitable exhibition opportunities. Many of the galleries we've shown with have said they're happy to exhibit our work again, but not until at least 2012. Their policy of booking shows has moved inexorably forward so that they're now writing up their diaries three to four years ahead.

Which meant that we had nothing in our diary for 2011, except for one show provisionally arranged for June.

As seems quite common with galleries we heard nothing about the exact date, despite several emails and attempted phone calls. Until now. We were aware that the woman who agreed the exhibition for June, had left the gallery and passed on details to her replacement. We now find that he left shortly after joining and failed to pass on details of our show to his replacement. The new incumbent then gave our place in the diary to someone else, leaving us without a show. She then, in turn, left her employment.

The even newer holder of this obviously rewarding post is to discuss the problem with the management and invite us in for a meeting, so something may be salvaged from this mess, but I do begin to wonder how businesses survive in this way.

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