Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Interviewed Again

I'm not one to talk about myself much, which must seem a strange thing to say here, given that this blog is all about me. But what I really mean is that in person, I don't like talking about me.

However, now and again I like to take the opportunity to answer written questions about my art. In the past, I've answered questionnaires from 'A' Level students tasked with writing a study of a local artist. Some contained quite searching questions, some were more basic. I finally gave up agreeing to them when the promised copies of the eventual studies didn't materialise.

But recently I was asked by Joanna the Mad if I'd be prepared to answer some questions for publishing on her blog, . I agreed and found the experience interesting as usual. I hope you'll check out the interview on her blog. You can make up your own mind about the pencil drawing she's done of me. I'm afraid I'm rather averse to being photographed or drawn.

The written form of interview is helpful, because it provides the opportunity to consider and rethink the answers and in time, I think those answers may be helpful to me when it comes to working out where I want to go.

"Where I want to go?" Oh, more on that vexed question in due course, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Must be a bit odd to explore your motivations in doing something that comes naturally. But then I'm probably wrong.
Upside down repainting is a neat little metaphor for renewal

harry bell said...

Not too odd. Exploring motivation is something I should probably do more often, so the opportunity presented by an interview of this sort is quite welcome.