Thursday, 6 September 2012

Very First Sketchbook (#15)

In Yedikule - 14.9.89
(Fine point marker and grey Magic marker in A5 sketchbook)    

The same day in Yedikule Castle, I sat in the shade of a tree and drew this old clay pot. Two workmen came by and l stood watching me for a while, nodded approvingly and went about their business again.


Margaret S Milligan said...

Another good sketch, you are brave using a magic marker!! I am just getting used to using my watersoluble fine liner!!!

harry bell said...

I actually moved on from the magic marker to a watersoluble pen!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Glad you clarified that it was watersoluble pen it looks like an effect I've seen with Copic markers. It must have been different having strangers hover, I see why they approved it's lovely.

harry bell said...

Sorry, Mary, if I've confused the issue. *This* sketch was done with a fine point marker and a felt tip magic marker. When I said I "moved on .... to a watersoluble pen", I meant that in later sketches I abandoned the magic marker in favour of a watersoluble pen.