Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sketchbook No.2 (#4)

On the Mole, Funchal, 10 August 1992 (Rotring Art Pen in A4 sketchbook)

It was quite intimidating drawing this huge grab. It towered over me and getting the perspective right was a challenge. Putting the two pages together in Photoshop proved almost beyond me, however, so apologies for the slight disconnect at the top of the drawing.


Arnold said...

It's a Martian Fighting Machine ! I've always thought that the depicion of the Martian Fighting Machine on the album cover of Jeff Waynes musical version of " War Of The Worlds " was far to spindly ..that Grab is just right. It really is Intimidating. Not to worry though ..the chances of anything coming from Mars is a Million to One, they say.

Marta Kallstrom said...


I found you on Everyday Matters and had to look you up. You have my grandfather's name! He grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada; moved to Portland, Oregon. Loved your drawings, BTW.


harry bell said...

Marta -- You're wrong, I'm afraid: I have *my* grandfather's name :O)

I used to have a relative in Vancouver and I still have one in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Dramatic! Make a good painting?!

harry bell said...

It might indeed, although it might have to be a big one and I'm reluctant to add to my stock of large paintings these days.

Alex said...

fantastic looking sketch!

harry bell said...

Thanks, Alex.