Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Missing Piece

Funchal, from Hotel Sirius. 13 August 1992
(Rotring Art Pen in A5 sketchbook)

I knew when I posted the painting of Madeira that I'd missed out a sketchbook study that was an integral part of the painting. And here it is, found in the sketchbook which I've been using as my holiday travel sketchbook since September 1990.

This is where posting from the sketchbooks starts to get complicated. In the time I've been blogging here, I've posted a great deal from this Holidays Sketchbook, so I think it may not be desirable to post the same things again. But maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?


Alan Dorey said...

Don't think it's a bad thing, necessarily: if it provides a context for other work, then why not? Besides, it's always good to look at your sketches and initial ideas.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Alan. I'll take that into account. I know there are some that *haven't* been posted from the Holidays Sketchbook,so I may at least post those.