Friday, 11 October 2013

The Baker's Wife's Siesta

The Baker's Wife's Siesta (Oil on board, 12 x 12 in)

Since the operation on my eye in April I've been disinclined to do any work, but yesterday, with the approach of the first Painters' Group meeting of the season, I thought it was time to try to get something done.

I don't remember when I started this painting. It's been hanging around the studio for an awfully long time and now and again I'd put it on the easel and fiddle with it. I see that I last mentioned it here at about this time two years ago. I think I've finally got it to the stage where I won't do any more and in that sense, it's finished.

[Later: the painting was well received at the Painters' Group meeting, better than I think I expected. Someone even called it "lovely" which can't be bad.]


Sheila Vaughan said...

I think it's a fabulous painting Harry. Surreal, it reminds me of the American abstract expressionists, Diebenkorn, etc.

harry bell said...

Wow, praise indeed. Many thanks, Sheila. I do see the Diebenkorn reference now that you point it out. I've always been a big fan of Diebenkorn, especially the period between his more abstract phases, so I guess I've been absorbing.