Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gateshead Art Society Annual Exhibition 2013

The preview of the Art Society's Annual Exhibition at the Shipley Gallery went well today. A good turnout, including some old friends I was able to chat to and catch up with. But the financial climate was demonstrated by the lack of red spots; usually there's a decent scattering at this regular event, even if it's the cheaper paintings that go, but not this year. Only two red spots.

Still, apart from two hung in a darkish corner (I've asked if the lights can be adjusted), it was good to see these seven of my submitted eight pictures hanging in a good gallery.

St James's from Windmill Hills

Clouds over Holy Island

Sunset, Holy Island


South Tyne Valley Landscape

In the South Tyne Valley

Venetian Balcony


FTL said...

The South Tyne Valley landscapes are my favourites.


harry bell said...

I'm pretty fond of them myself.