Monday, 22 February 2016

Sketchbook Circle Snippets

(More snippets from Partner B's A5 Sketchbook)

Being full of cold usually means a befuddled head and sure enough, that's what I found I had over the weekend. Nevertheless, because I knew I had to get Becca's Sketchbook Circle book into the post back to her this week, I pushed on and found myself going down strange pathways.

Again, I'm unable to let you see what I've done with her pages until she receives the book and can only post the little snippets above.

What I found fascinating about the whole exercise is that I began working intuitively again, picking out things that Becca's original entries reminded me of, then trawling through bits and pieces of saved paper, magazine pictures and photocopies, and putting them together. Putting them together in a way that seemed to work and at the same time surprised me with what appeared.

I'm really quite excited about this.

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