Monday, 30 April 2018

Belated Blogiversary

Fourteen years ago, on the 15th April, I wrote my first blog post on Boogie Street. In fact, I wrote my first four blog posts. I soon realised I couldn't keep that up, but am surprised to find that I've kept going, with only one minor lapse, for fourteen years.

Commenters have come and gone and the world of blogging has closed down or moved over to Facebook, but I still find it helpful to write stuff about my work. With luck, my Regular Reader also finds it interesting.

Cheers! Here's to the next fourteen.


Anonymous said...

I’ve followed and enjoyed them Harry, and wished I’d started one myself!

harry bell said...

You may turn out to be the mysterious Regular Reader, Kev.

It's never too late to start a blog - you might create a revival.

Boud said...

Ive been following, and my own blogs are now getting quite ancient. But there's still an appreciative audience, as I find now and then.

Any more entries from your dad's terse diary? Ive really enjoyed those, especially when you add footnotes. I remember 1947, as a kid, and it's interesting to get these glimpses of adult life then.

harry bell said...

Hi Boud - sorry for the long delay in replying. A glitch in the system.
My Dad's 1947 Diary is the only one he left me, apart from an incomplete diary that covers the first few months in India and Burma at the beginning of the War. I'm thinking about posting that in due course, but it ends abruptly with a personal loss.