Thursday, 24 May 2018

Attic Vessels Rearranged.

Attic Vessels Rearranged
(acrylic on mountboard, 9 x 7 in)

I'm still suffering something of a creative block: there are things I could paint but the motivation to do so isn't there. I know the advice is "When you can't paint, paint something else" but that's not helping, so the search for a subject with a raison d'être continues.

Though I'm mostly idle (if just thinking a lot counts as "idle"), I did spend a little time a few days ago making some corrections to this small painting so that it's now finished.

My Regular Reader may remember that the composition came about after I'd printed off a copy of another small painting, cut out the pots and rearranged them. This is the original:

Five Attic Vessels
(acrylic on canvas 8 x 8 in.)


Boud said...

It's okay to have fallow periods. If you force art at that time, it will probably look forced. I've tried several times to just retire from art, and in a couple of weeks, ideas and motivation come roaring back. Usually involving a different artform.

harry bell said...

You were right in your comment, as perhaps subsequent posts have proved. I'm now searching for enough time to get all my ideas into paint.