Friday, 30 April 2004

Dazed & Confused

For my own part, today has had me somewhat Dazed & Confused. Too much to do and no sense of priorities. I did get a copy of Joss Stone's "The Soul Sessions" done for Patsy123 and one of Leonard Cohen's "Ten New Songs" for Ted. However, most of the day has been taken up with wrestling with a picture of the Millennium Bridge. I really hate painting bridges, but when you base a career on paintings of Newcastle and the Tyne, you can't help but have a bridge or two in some of the paintings. And bridges, especially the Millennium, are very popular with the punters, so now and again I have to put my principles to one side. I think this one could work quite well, but it doesn't want to play the game. Too many bloody railings, for a start, and while I don't intend to paint them all, I do have to find a way of indicating them. Maybe I should pack up for a while and go investigate yesterday's sighting of Proper Boxes in HMV.....

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