Tuesday, 27 April 2004


One of the delights of Raised by Chaffinches (see LINKS) has been the ongoing saga of The Shed. When I got back from Scotland, I found that the man who owns the estate next to Lucy Smooth has installed a shed of his own. It's a little square one and he's put it at the bottom of his garden where it stands about 12 feet above the road. Looks like a bloody guard tower. Maybe there should be a test to see if people are fit to own a shed.

I took the opportunity of peering at his shed while hanging out the washing in the unaccustomed sunshine. Did a bit of grimacing, that sort of thing, over the tops of the grasses. Then I realised that if I did as Lucy Smooth suggested yesterday and actually cut the grass, I'd get a better view of the Guard Tower. Just as I was about to power up the mower, there was a clap of thunder and the rain started. Rushed to get the Zip shirts back inside and then thought, "This rain could last for days." So, no doubt to the amusement of the neighbours, especially the Man in the Guard Tower, I mowed the lawn in the pouring rain.

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