Friday, 13 August 2004

The Bigger Plan

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Today's online horoscope said:

You are not on a rocket ship; you ARE the rocket ship. Or maybe you are a rollercoaster ride. Anyone coming into contact with you now can tell that this is not just another day for you. You are feeling good about what you do that is different from what others do. But it's not just about what makes you unique. It's also that what you do at this time is fitting into a bigger plan and it feels good to be a part of something that you are helping to create.

If only I felt like a rocket ship. Or a rollercoaster ride. I feel more like one of those dodgems I always seem to choose which resolutely refuses to move off however hard I pump the foot pedal, while all the other buggers are tearing round bumping me up the arse.

But I'm determined to make this "not just another day," I'm going to fit into the bigger plan.

So the rest of the day is to be spent getting stretchers and canvases ready. I have a space in the
Biscuit Factory's Autumn Show for which I'll need about six to eight pictures. I have three on the go and ideas for two more.

If only the bloody weather would pick up, I could get out with the camera. I could feel more like a rocket ship....

But as for "feeling good about what you do that is different from what others do." Well, they can't touch you for it, can they?

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