Saturday, 7 August 2004

A Good Deal is Proposed

O'Swishity called round yesterday. He was full of smiles and Irish bonhomie. He intends to bring the Felting Lads on Monday to get the old felt stripped off and lay the new. Tarring to follow.

He thinks this will be done in a day and will give me "at least 25 years peace of mind." If only peace of mind were so easily attainable.

But O'Swishity has an eye to a business opportunity. He wants to do more work on the house. Work which will free me from "future hassles with all that paint and ladders and stuff."

When I protested that I was really short of money, he told me not to worry. "I'll do you a Good Deal, Guv'nor. I want to show the neighbours what we can do and maybe drum up a bit of business."

Clearly another early morning will be called for on Monday. O'Swishity promised not to start before he's outlined his Good Deal, but I want to be sure.

"Don't you worry, Guv'nor, " was his parting shot. I've done nothing else since.

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