Friday, 10 September 2004

Says Who?

I took some time to browse through "Have Your Say" today. Issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, this is a brochure giving some background to the forthcoming Referendum on An Elected Assembly for the North East.

I don't intend, at this stage, to dwell on the merits or otherwise of a North East Assembly, except to say that anything which has the support of Sir John Hall fills me with distrust.

What I found interesting about the brochure was the choice of photo-illustrations. There are six individuals pictured, each giving a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down".

In the "thumbs up" camp are
  • a well-dressed young white woman, with fair hair, smiling confidently
  • a young white man in a suit and tie, with fair hair, grinning broadly
  • a tall young white man, with blond hair, in an "I Heart NY" t-shirt, beaming

In the "thumbs down camp are

  • a well-dressed young Afro-Caribbean woman, looking cautious
  • an old man with a flat cap and a walking stick, looking grim
  • a short young Asian man in a pullover with no shirt, smiling, but trying to edge the taller lad in the t-shirt out of the picture

What this seems to say to me is that only old farts and the reactionary, even pushy, ethnic community would consider voting against such a great idea as a Regional Assembly.

Young white folk, who constitute a very large proportion of the area's populace, will naturally be forward-looking enough to see the obvious benefits of such a plan.

Or is it just me being cynical again?

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