Friday, 17 November 2006

A Blustery Day

I heard by email today that the painting arrived safely and is "looking good!" Which sets my mind at rest.

Time now to prepare for the arrival of Big Dave. Before going home, Patsy123 helped me clear out the stuff which had accumulated in the small front bedroom - the room Big Dave refers to as The Cupboard.

We removed
  • a 3ft square heavily textured and so very heavy oil painting
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a large roll of canvas
  • some canvas shears
  • a cheap champagne flute wrapped in newspaper
  • a wine decanter without the stopper (which I think I threw away because I couldn't find the decanter)
  • a square of paper with the number 138 on it - my entry number for the Great North Walk which I didn't do because of the onset of plantar fasciitis two years ago
  • a big blue towel
  • a pair of shorts in need of ironing
  • some curious pieces of exercise, or possibly bondage equipment, belonging to my late father
  • 8 Summer shirts on hangers waiting to be ironed
  • 3 pairs of sandals
  • 1 pair of walking boots
  • 1 pair of tan suede loafers

and then we were able to make the bed ready for Big Dave's arrival.

Patsy123 went off home, her head down as she walked into the blustery Sou'westerly blowing leaves at her from the Dene at the end of the street.

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