Saturday, 4 November 2006


The phone rang.

A voice at the other end said, "Are you registered with the Telephone Preference Service?"

"Yes," I said. "I am."

"Well, sir, you may have noticed an increase in the number of house and car alarms going off and being ignored by the people round about. We market a product which alerts a central control office who can deal with this problem Our demonstrators will be in your area tomorrow and will be able to demonstrate to a small number of clients -------"

"Excuse me," I said. "You asked me if I was registered with the Telephone Preference Service, yes?"

"Yes, sir, that's right."

"And I said 'yes, I am.' "

"Yes, you did, sir."

"Well, what that means is that I don't want you to make these BLOODY STUPID UNSOLICITED CALLS!"

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