Thursday, 22 March 2007

Art Club Buzz

Whenever I've gone to the Art Club in the past few months, the place was almost empty and by 2 o'clock everybody had left. But when I called in today it was a hive of activity and when I took myself off at 3 o'clock people were still busy.

There's been something of a palace revolution there, following the events of the AGM, and there's a new buzz about the place. The Club needed a shake-up and today's atmosphere made me feel more inclined to spend some time there now.

Seeing that space has been made available by the junking of thirty-odd years of old paintings, drawings, broken coffee mugs and unidentifiables, I've put my name on a ducket. Over the next week I'll be putting a box of paints and some boards and canvases in there in an attempt to ensure someone doesn't think it a good idea to just peel my sticker off.

Although I'm happy with my studio at home - or will be when I've carried out my own de-junking - I fancy the opportunity to mix in with a group of painters and share some time and experience with them.


jafabrit said...

arg! the politics of a group. I try my best to stay aloof of it in the arts council (fortunately only 5 of us seem to show up for meetings LOL!).

Art club sounds like a nice set up.

Mr Zip said...

You're right about group politics and I intend to keep out of committees and the like in future.

The Art Club is in a good well-lit space and a few of my friends - those I go on painting holidays with - already attend, so it should be fun.

ian gordon said...

Been having similar thoughts about the Nottingham Society of Artists. One of my Resolutions this year was to apply to join. But I'm not much for painting in the same room as others. (Sounds terrible I know). Although it would be nice to circulate amongst a few more creative spirits.

Mr Zip said...

I have a similar reluctance (perhaps everyone does?) but I've found that once you're over it, it can be quite a liberating experience.

Mr Zip said...
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