Monday, 26 March 2007

Second Time Lucky

News arrived today that I've had a painting accepted in a show at The Art Works in town. The show's theme is Focus on the Figure, so I took the opportunity to submit Sometimes Falling, Sometimes Flying, which was rejected from the People Show earlier this year.

There's a £10 hanging fee, but the picture stays on the wall from May until the end of July, giving it a decent exposure.

So, as the Spring sunshine streamed in the window, and butterflies cast their tiny flitting shadows across the carpet, I've been taking off the mirror plates and fitting the picture with a hanging cord, all the while whistling a happy tune, albeit an unrecognisable one.


Secret Simon said...

Congratulations, Mr Zip. That's a great picture.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks Simon. There was a lot of me in it.