Friday, 13 April 2007

Guildhall Show

Venetian Wall (Oil on canvas, 16 x 16 ins)

Iron Cross (Oil on canvas, 16 x 16 ins.)

These are the pictures I put in the Art Club exhibition today. It's a small show, rather impromptu, as the opportunity to use the Guildhall came about unexpectedly, I understand.

It's currently the home of Newcastle's Information Centre, but has a reasonably sized small room which they let organisations use. The lighting is not ideal, with a couple of rather dimly lit walls, but we managed to make a decent fist of hanging the show (a hang which, from my point of view, happily kept my pictures off the dimly lit walls!)

There are things to be learned from these Art Club guys. The large Art Show - free entry signs printed on A2 plastic sheeting were a good idea: before we'd even finished setting up, there were people coming in off the street to wander round. I also liked the invitations to the preview which we've handed out in bulk to the several hotels round about.

I won't be able to make the preview, however. We - the Figure 8 painters, that is - have a meeting that day with the curator of yet another gallery. Blimey. It's all go.


jafabrit said...

good luck with the show :) Like your "venetian wall".'I remember going to listen to music at the Guildhall, a looooooooong time ago lol!

Mr Zip said...

Thanks. I never expect much in the way of sales at these small shows, but it's always good to get the work out of the studio and onto a wall.

The Guildhall has been many things in its time. Last time I was there was for the Beer Festival (before they decided they didn't like the consequent sticky floors).