Thursday, 11 December 2008

Introspection & Reflection

Gateshead Millennium Bridge (Raised) - Private Collection

I'm sorry if things seem to be quiet on Boogie Street at the moment. I guess it's the time of year. I'm spending some time going over what I've achieved this year, what hasn't worked out the way I wanted it to, and examining the way the work has been going. Have I fallen into any bad habits, for instance? Should I be narrowing my field of investigation, or looking at new areas? That sort of thing.

It's an important process but not one that lends itself easily to blog posts, so in the meantime, here's a painting I don't think I've posted before.


Spot said...

It's a stunner. Love it. Especially like the yellow and dark orange shapes and the dark windows.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I understand, sort of in the same boat. Been cleaning my studio in preparation for new projects in 2009.

Enjoyed looking at your painting.

harrybell said...

Cleaning my studio. Now there's a thought.

Spot -- it's one of my favourite pictures, actually. Good to know that the "private collection" it's in is that of my partner, Pat.

Trevor Lingard said...

This composition as strength in all respects. I like the strong diagonal elements. I am drawn to the pivot joint on the stantion.
A Great piece.

harrybell said...

Many thanks, Trevor. Sometimes a strong composition just jumps out at you and you have to paint it.

ian gordon said...

This one's a gem.

Everything I admire about the best of your work is here: The selection, the editing, and a composition which pushes it towards abstraction, before the process itself pulls it back from "the abstract" by imbuing the seemingly mundane with an unexpected significance all its own. (Not to mention the colour).

And I don't even write for the Sundays..

harrybell said...

You've put your finger on everything *I* like about it, Ian, and what it is I'm constantly looking for. Thanks.