Monday, 8 December 2008

Old Drawings #23

Yucca (21 x 16.5 ins., charcoal and pastel on cartridge paper)

Following on from that agave, I thought this might be an appropriate time to post this drawing, done in 1996. The yucca is sitting in the window of my parents' flat on Allerdene Estate in Gateshead. Through the window can be seen a bit of the estate and part of the Silver Hills.


Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Harry
First thank you for your advice re blogging. Its all rather new to me yet and I`m still trying to find my way round. You are a very busy man by the amount of enteries in your blog. Its all very interesting and comprehensive, but I prefer to look at your paintings of which the oils I like. I am afraid I am not a good reader and my consentration lapses. Hence I prefer to see the artwork.
I do intend to keep a track of yourself and your art through the blog. Again kind regards

harrybell said...

Hi Trevor -- welcome to Boogie Street. I'm glad you decided to put a foot in the blogosphere. Doesn't matter whether you visit my blog just for the paintings or for the whole shebang - I'm simply glad you find it interesting enough to visit.

Casey Klahn said...

May I say that through the window I see a Cezanne?

I find that very inspiring, and I must say that your paintings have given me great joy all of this year, Harry.

harrybell said...

Casey -- I couldn't wish for a finer compliment. I'm suitably humble in the face of any comparison with Cezanne, however unlikely I may think it is, and that you should have derived so much pleasure from my work is really very gratifying. Thanks!