Thursday, 2 July 2009

No Thread in my Needle

Well, it was worth a punt, but I didn't make it into the Threadneedle Prize. It'll be interesting to see what eventually appears in the show and what, above all, is included in the short list.

I suppose I should be feeling downhearted, but I'm not. In fact, rather the reverse. My mood was helped by receiving an email from a quite famous and nationally recognised painter telling me - inter alia - that "I have followed your work via the internet for a few years and really like the design and originality of your paintings especially your 'tram' series. One of those would have really stood out at the RA!"

I think my response to him had something of the fanboy about it, but I'd been taken by surprise and I know my sense of self-esteem has been on the wane for a time. Anyway, the effect on me has been electrifying and I'm reasserting my efforts to Move Things Along. Certainly, I haven't been put off submitting to open exhibitions. I'm looking now at the art societies associated with the Mall Galleries and expect in the future to be making increased use of the services of Mike Challoner's Picture Post, who will, incidentally, be bringing my Threadneedle pictures back to Newcastle.


Casey Klahn said...

I think the approbation of one artist that you value is better, in some ways, than that of the jury. It is more direct.

Your trams are complex and simple at the same time. Not your only great works, but striking and original.

I want to add some contest type venues, too. PSA, various others. I'll be watching you on these. Sort of a canary in a mineshaft.

harrybell said...

Thanks, Casey, I know you're right, and thanks again for your generous remarks about my work.

We can watch each other as we boldly go ....

vivien said...

Sarah Wimperis was turned down too

- it will be interesting to see what was accepted.

And that must have been an ego boost :>)

I was amazed when an artist I had commented on at the Mall Galleries emailed that he read my blog and sent me a high res image of his work to use!

harrybell said...

You're right, Vivien, it did my self-esteem a power of good.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Harry - you might want to take a peek at the exhibition reviews I've done re various art societies which exhibit at the Mall Galleries

harrybell said...

Thanks Katherine; I will. I recognise your blog as very useful resource in that respect.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Harry - my review of the shortlisted works is now on my blog with a comment on the exhibition generally to follow

You may be interested! ;)