Thursday, 30 July 2009

Two from Brighton

Brighton Cafe (work in progress)

Brighton Cafe 2 (work in progress)

For the last two days I've been earnestly trying to finish these two small paintings. I made the unfounded assumption that because they were small, I could get them done quicker than a larger painting. Very silly. Despite my use of Daler Rowney's excellent Alkyd Medium, some of the paint simply isn't drying and all attempts to work on them has resulted in lifting and smudging.

So here they are for you to look at: works in progress.


Annie said...

Nice work of a couple of haunts just down the road from me. Be interested to see how they progress.

harrybell said...

Thanks, Annie. Should be done soon.

Anonymous said...

I do like your style of painting and think I may even recognise where it is!

harrybell said...

Thanks, Chris. I may put the names of the cafes in the titles when they're done.