Saturday, 10 October 2009

Getty Images

Those of you who have taken the time to look round my blog will have noticed the Flickr badge in the sidebar at the right. Clicking on it takes you to my Flickr pages where (so I'm told) I have over 400 images of paintings, drawings, sketches and cartoons.

Some months ago I was contacted by Flickr who told me about a new arrangement with Getty Images and said that Getty Images were interested in buying a two year copyright licence on half a dozen of my paintings. After a bit of thought and some investigations, this seemed like a decent proposition, so signed I up for it. A few days ago, they told me they want another half dozen.

There are always problems with what appears to be a straightforward project. I needed a PayPal account into which they can pay any royalties, so I've set one up. They also need images with a much higher resolution than what's actually on my Flickr pages, but everything can be sorted out. I've spent the last few days raising the resolution in Photoshop and filling out the description boxes required for Getty.

And now I sit back and watch the money roll in? I should be so lucky, but it'll be interesting to see how it all works out.


Sanderella said...

How do we get to look at your images?

harrybell said...

I don't really know if they're available through Getty in any way, but they're all amongst those on Flickr.