Thursday, 1 October 2009

I've slipped into The Crack!

Local listings magazine, The Crack, gives Figure8's current show at Red Box the thumbs up in a quarter page review! How absolutely wonderful to be compared with Wayne Thiebaud, high in my pantheon of artist influences. All that looking at his work must be rubbing off.


Casey Klahn said...

I find your perspectives to be more interesting than Thiebauds. That's just me, though.

He would do well to look you up, in my opinion.

Congratulations on the superior press. Much deserved, Harry.

gail siptak said...

Wonderful, congratulations from across the pond.

Seth said...

Fantastic! What a great review and comparison. Congratulations!

Jean Spitzer said...

Well deserved. Congratulations.

Trevor Lingard said...

And well deserved Harry.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Harry! Glad you got singled out in such a favorable way.

Bruce T.

Kevin said...


Really good to see. Hope it bears fruit - ie - sales.


harrybell said...

Thanks, Kev.

harrybell said...

And, of course, thanks to the rest of you, especially Casey with whom I'm moved to disagree, but who warms my cockles!