Friday, 16 April 2010

Restaurant Progress

Kastela Seaside Restaurant (work in progress)

Everything at the Club was still wet today, except for the Harry Ramsden painting, which I've brought home to finish. I knew that would be the case, so I took along this Kastela Restaurant painting and made some headway with it.

There's a lot of balancing of colours to be done but that will probably have to wait for three weeks. Next Friday will be the start of this year's Compo & Clegg Painting Week. This time we're off to the Yorkshire Dales, somewhere I've never been before. What an adventure!


Anonymous said...

I like the way that the Kastela Restaurant is going.
I'm very curious to see what you get up to in the Dales. You remind me of how long it is since I was last in that part of the country - and how lovely it is in spring!

harry bell said...

Glad you like the progess on this one, Janet. I'm pleased with it myself.

I haven't decided what materials to take to the Dales yet, but I'll probably rely on drawing as usual.

Unknown said...

I think Kastela Restaurant is super, Harry. If you haven't been to the Dales before, I think you're in for a treat - especially if this weather stays on for a while. Where are you staying? Hazel

harry bell said...

Thanks, Hazel. The weather has taken a turn for the worse since you left your comment, but I'm still optimistic. We're staying in The Rookery in Bishopdale, if that means anything to you.

Anonymous said...

Kastela Restaurant is very pretty and I mean that in a positive way, Harry. Have a great time in the Yorkshire Dales!

Bruce T.