Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Scrubbed In

Kastela Seaside Restaurant (work in progress)

It was a fine Spring day today and I really felt like getting things done, but I'd arranged for the Rat Man to come. He was supposed to call last week, but Something Went Wrong. I guess Something must have Gone Wrong again, because he didn't arrive today either.

As a consequence, the rats are probably still plotting a Second Front and I spent the day pottering. But I did get time to quickly scrub in this small painting which should help fill out the Small Works Collection quite well, I hope.


Chris Bellinger said...

Love the colours in this one and sorry to hear about the rats hope get sorted

harry bell said...

Thanks, Chris. Early days for the painting, but those are the general colours, I think. I hope the rats have discovered the poison by now, but I saw one at the weekend.