Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Holy Island 4 (Work in progress)

Today's work on this painting puts me within one day's extra work to finish all four Holy Island Skies, which is very satisfactory. I have to admit that this painting isn't easy, but I think my recent visit to the excellent exhibition of John Martin's apocalyptic visions helped me along.

I thought the Martin exhibition was wonderful. I was familiar with the few paintings in the Laing's permanent collection, but wasn't prepared for the huge later works and the terrific use of colour. I'm convinced now that his daring use of colour was the equal of his contemporary, Turner. If you missed the show at the Laing, try to catch it at Tate Britain.


Ian Bertram said...

I don't know if you've seen the film 2012, but their are scenes in that film that are basically John Martin animated. I had forgotten the incredible impact of his work. I've only seen those at the Laing, so I will have to try and get to Sheffield or the Tate to see it.

harry bell said...

No, I've not seen 2012. I wasn't impressed by the reviews, but John Martin animated might make it worth seeing. Do try to see the exhibition. I was entranced.

Ian Bertram said...

Its fine if you ignore the story line and watch the special effects!