Monday, 6 June 2011

A Good Day Out

Saturday was a very satisfactory day. The Holy Island pictures were lined up for the client to choose one and - gratifyingly - the choice proved difficult. She liked all of them for different reasons and waited until it was time to go before making her choice: Evening, Holy Island.

At which point I got a pleasant surprise. Her father decided to buy Orange Sunset, Holy Island.

If you're reading this, Cat and Laurie, I hope you get many years of pleasure from your paintings. Many thanks for commissioning this project and ultimately for choosing the works you did.


John Salmon said...

Good for you Harry. I can see how thay had such a hard time choosing. I'm afraid I would have had to take all of them. They are all beautiful paintings.

harry bell said...

Welcome to my blog, John, and thanks for your kind comments.