Thursday, 12 January 2012

Through the Hedge

Hedgerow No.1 (work in progress)

Hedgerow No.2 (work in progress)

I'm working under pressure again. I have about ten days to provide the images of all the paintings I intend to hang in the Figure8 show at the Biscuit Factory in February (details for you nearer the time) and so far I have only four completed. I probably need two or three more and recently have found ideas in short supply.

To clarify: I have lots of ideas for paintings, but having chosen a particular theme (Rock & Tree) for this show, I need to make some new paintings that fit that theme and ideas for such have not been readily forthcoming.

What I thought I would try, therefore, is see what I might be able to do with some hedgerows I found by the side of the road at Auchterarder when I was there in 2009 on one of my annual painting trips. I'm in two minds about how these are going; certainly I'm happier with the first than the second, but as I've put in more time on the first, that's to be expected. I'm very much feeling my way with these and intend to keep looking for more ideas in case they don't work out.

Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts on these paintings, I'd be interested to hear them, but do bear in mind they're very far from completion.


Ewen MacDonald watercolouristanbul said...

I really like these, I prefer the second one....

harry bell said...

Thanks, Ewen. It's always good to get some encouragement. The second porbably worries me more because of the apparent "hole" at the centre, but I think I know where that's going.

Anonymous said...


harry bell said...

Always busy, Kev, though much of it is self-driven.