Monday, 4 June 2012

A Little More Cathedral

Cathedral (work in progress)

I've been struggling recently to get any painting done, partly because of some kind of existential angst - what am I painting for? However, I did drop into the Art Club last week and move this painting of the Cathedral and Black Gate along somewhat.

The buildings are working out OK, I think. I can now turn my attention to the top third, defining the town in the distance a little, and then settling the sky.


Timaree said...

Just define it a "little" as it looks really nice already. That tower holds the eye so far! I find from the pointed roof in front to the tower it's busy and then my eyes get rest while overlooking the city. I really like it.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Timaree. I don't intend to do too much more, but I'm finding the dark palette knife lines in the distance a bit too insistent. I want to work on a sky a little too.