Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh

Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh (Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm)

Unravelling a bit of string, I left the darkened corridor last night to see if I might get at least one new painting finished this year. I knew this Edinburgh churchyard painting could be brought to a conclusion very easily; all it needed was the addition of some grave markers and crosses and a bit work on the tops of walls. 

I didn't much enjoy the experience of painting while wearing my near distance specs, but later it occurred to me that, given the small size of the painting, I might have been better off using my reading glasses.

Following the string back along the dark corridor, I'm standing here, finger tips on the wall, musing on the quaint Chinese method of making the stretcher on which this picture is completed. It has three sides 30cm long and one, 12 inches long. An interesting problem for my framer.


Casey Klahn said...

Well blogged. Intrigue and John Steed-like aplomb, as always.

This is a very pleasing painting, and a slightly higher viewpoint, I think, than any other of yours. You work that very well.

harry bell said...

Thanks Casey. I've always liked the high viewpoint because the Tyne gorge, which divides Gateshead from Newcastle, provides some wonderful high level views of buildings. Most cities don't allow me to do that and I struggle to find interest in flat landscape.

Actually, you'll see something similar in the painting in the sidebar where the link to my website is.