Friday, 11 January 2013

Progress of a sort.

Sleeper (work in progress)

I'm not sure this is necessarily where I expect to end up in my quest for something new, but it feels like a helpful place to pause on the way.

There's a good deal more to do to get it finished, of course, and even then it may simply be what was described to me today as "just a painting of a woman sleeping in a chair." But it feels different and if not on the direct route to the New, at least a useful Sidestep.


Unknown said...

Certainly a move away from your splendid urban lands apes and panoramas - this is interesting: appreciate it's a work in progress, but simple slabs of bright colour - slight hint of Hockney maybe - but would like to see the finished article.

Unknown said...

..or even landscapes - land apes would be a departure!

harry bell said...

Thanks for that, Alan. I think this painting shows a continuing interest in the simplification I've been using in the last year or two. And unless I mess it up entirely, you will see the finished result here.