Sunday, 24 March 2013

Overnight Dove

It was really cold on Friday and the windy was blustery, shaking the tops of the cypress tree outside, but here in Gateshead we were lucky to escape the snow that afflicted most of the country. 

As I sat in my third floor study working on the computer, I glanced through the window and spotted this dove settling down on the windowsill. It seemed unconcerned by the light I had to put on as the day darkened and when I went closer to look it simply looked back at me. I left the blinds open so as not to chance scaring it, but it seemed unperturbed by anything I did.

It stayed there for the rest of the night (I checked on it around  1.30 am), but by the morning it had gone, leaving me a little present on the windowsill.


Anonymous said...

I can sometimes see mourning doves tottering back and forth along the edge of the car repair shop's roof that's just outside my living room window.

Bruce T.

harry bell said...

Apart from this lonely dove, I get wood pigeons thumping down on the roof of my bay window and scrapping with one another.