Monday, 18 March 2013

Museum Sketchbook # 6: Relic Case

Hancock: Relic Case (Charcoal and compressed charcoal across two pages of A4 sketchbook)

More a cabinet of curiosities than a modern presentation of scientifically catalogued archaeology, this glass case is just the sort of collected wonder I loved as a child, so it was a delight to find it still there when I was drawing in my fifties. 

Sadly, I'm sure the new version of the museum will have declared this sort of exhibit passĂ© .


FTL said...

Much of my house is a cabinet of scientific and technical curiousities dating back anything up to about 200 years, and I've always been fond of the traditional kind. I'm enjoying your museum series.

harry bell said...

Thanks for the comment, Bill. There's a few more pages from this sketchbook to come.