Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Studio

Monday's partial furniture move went off much better than I thought it might; we only forgot and had to go back for one desk and half my computer equipment. Setting up the computer in its new home didn't go too badly at all. Once I figured out that someone had switched off the surge protector, everything powered up OK. Apart from the scanner, because I seemed to have mislaid the power cable. And then only a 15 minute wrestle with the interweb connection. 

There are boxes of materials to empty before I can think about getting back to work, of course, but I'm very happy with the way things are looking.

Later today I went back and found the missing scanner cable, filled up a bag with more books and CDs and walked up the wearying hill. When I got in the studio, I found I'd left the cable behind.


FTL said...

It's starting to take shape! Looks good so far, and I hope it will be an inspirational workspace.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Bill. I already feel very comfortable in it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like setting up a new workspace! See Pat's keeping an eye on you tho'

harry bell said...

My friend Kathy told me the other day that every middle aged man needs a woman to keep him in order.