Friday, 1 August 2014

Malta Sketchbook #6: Tigne Battery - Clifftop

Tigne Battery - Clifftop
(Charcoal and compressed charcoal over two pages of A4 sketchbook)

OK, let's try to get this blog rolling again in its new home. Back to Malta, then, and my Malta Sketchbook from 1995. This is a view down onto a clifftop gun emplacement.

I'd be interested in hearing if you're still following this series of drawings. There are a few more in this sketchbook, and once I'm properly settled into this studio there should be new work to show you.


FTL said...

Please continue with this series!


harry bell said...

You got it, Bill!

Anonymous said...

Would make a great painting!

harry bell said...

It might indeed.